Herbs & Nutrition

Plants, minerals, animals and insects have been used medicinally since man first walked on the planet. The specific use of food combinations is a complete system of healing in itself, and is particularly valuable as food is such an essential part of our lives. With the addition of dietary restrictions to eliminate foods that are a burden on our system, or even toxic, our tissues, organs and systems are cleansed, and disease processes are halted and eventually reversed until vitality is achieved.

Herbal formulas are concentrated foods made from roots, leaves, barks and minerals, and as such have great potency without losing the built-in safety contained within the substances before modern-day techniques of chemical extraction increase the likelihood of danger. They are a great adjunct in a treatment plan as they help maintain healing processes that are initiated in live sessions, thus ensuring continued progress. Sometimes, they are the treatment of choice in dealing with advanced disease processes that have caused serious damage. Finally, they are much less expensive than pharmaceuticals.