The Hakim Wellness Academy—the culmination of the vision of the Hakim Wellness Project—is a resource and training platform for Traditional Islamic Healing and Medicine (TIHM). Our mission is to produce and teach an Islamic medical program in which taqwā’Allāh (God-conscious presence) guides our understanding of health, well-being, illness, and dis-ease, and whose study and practice is a seamless expression of Islamic principles. Ḥakīm Ilyās Kāshānī, the founding director and chief instructor, has designed an experiential curriculum centered on tawḥīd (the Oneness of God ﷻ) and capable of employing any treatment modality, whether traditional or modern.

We offer learning opportunities for laypersons, aspiring healers, and current health practitioners who are seeking to realize personal healing, unlock their potential, acquire knowledge, hone their craft, and expand their skill-set. Our programs will especially appeal to those interested in realizing the sacred within their health care practice and reconciling their faith with the paradigms of their respective disciplines.

What is TIHM?
The human BodyMindSoul is a seamless whole with a divine origin. Everything that happens in the soul is reflected in the body, from the grief that gives rise to tears, to the rage that leads to hemorrhage. And everything that affects the physical body has a direct impact on the soul, from the physical depletion that leads to despair, to the asthma that leads to panic. Not only must a holistic evaluation of a patient consider her/his physical, mental, and emotional dimensions, but it must also do so in relation to the Sacred ﷻ–the infallible point of reference by which all other levels can be understood and organized. The deepest healing is the rectification of the soul, wherein the shadows of ignorance and illusion are dispelled by the light of awareness and knowledge.

Verily, there is a piece of flesh in the body of man
which, when sound, the whole body is sound;
and when corrupt, the whole body is corrupt,
and that is the heart.

– Prophet Muḥammad

TIHM is the realization of health, well-being, illness, and dis-ease unveiled through taqwā’Allāh (God-conscious presence) and guided by the Islamic tradition. TIHM is a sacred science precisely because it seeks to understand the manifest world in relation to the world of the unseen from which it springs, and ultimately in relation to the Divine Reality ﷻ behind everything. As a result, TIHM absorbed knowledge from all corners of the world and throughout the ages, having understood that all knowledge is from God ﷻ and is not limited by land, language, or culture.


Why study with us?
Our deeply therapeutic and transformative offerings support a process of spiritual awakening and integration. We offer discrete retreat experiences (such as Reset.Remember.Revive.) and more substantial part-time programs (such as You 101) for all levels of interest and experience. Awaken the Healer Within, our full-time three-year TIHM certification program, however, is the grand gesture of everything that we offer for those who desire the full-depth of experience, understanding, and transformation, personally and professionally. It is described below.

In year one, participants have the opportunity to experience profound health and well-being and thus realize their true potential through an experiential training that supports the integration of the physical and spiritual dimensions of their lives. Before one can help others, one must first understand health and healing from within. For many, this attainment is entirely sufficient and represents success. It is also, however, the necessary foundation of true healership.

Year two builds on the profound personal development and transformation of year one and extends this to understanding and helping others. It begins with a detailed investigation of TIHM principles and the development of subtle diagnostic skills. Year three extends the achievements of the prior stages into the practice and refinement of treatment skills. Graduates will be able to perceive the relationship of the soul to the physical body and intervene at any level (soul or body) from within (through spiritual and mind-body skills) or from without (using therapeutic agents or treatment techniques).

Our curriculum is also designed to assist modern medical students and professionals in reconciling their faith with the paradigms of their respective disciplines, to align and expand their philosophical perspective and advance their clinical outcomes.


Testimonials from Participants in Our Programs

The program has changed my life. Every retreat was deeply restorative and profoundly opening as we directly engaged with the art of healing and spiritual inquiry. This has been one of the most valuable aspects of my education as a health care provider—the guided self-reflective experience not provided in mainstream education. Not only have I discovered my own sources of dis-ease, but I know what the process of healing feels and looks like, while holding a compassionate space for this discovery. I have learned from Hk. Ilyas’ example how to be an effective practitioner rooted in spirit, love, and relevance. —Aisha N.

This is a unique course created by Hk. Ilyas for de-stressing and improving health and well-being, along with learning timeless healing philosophies. I experienced deeper focus, more calm, and increased energy, and learned tools to sustain these states.  If you are looking to deepen your knowledge of healing and improve every aspect of your life and health, this is a highly recommended course. —Nafisa D.

You 101 was a gift to myself. After years of working one on one with Ilyas, it became evident to me that I still had much to learn. Ilyas is wise and heart centered. During each retreat, he held healing space in just the right way to allow me to grow and learn on my own path and timeline. Thank you Ilyas for all the gifts of your wisdom and of your caring. —Tara C.

When I began the program, I was in a difficult life-space and at my wits’ end. However, by the time I finished the program, my life had changed for the better. I was more centered—and all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual discomforts and complaints I came into the program with were significantly reduced or resolved. That shift helped me to begin to listen more deeply and repair various relationships (most poignantly, with myself), so that I would be able to discern my purpose and understand the reason why I resonated with the program. The curriculum gave me an opportunity to heal myself and as a result, I believe the program contains, for anyone who is sincere, the heart of what it means to be a healer—yesterday, today, and tomorrow. —Schlese C.

If you’ve been led here, a journey awaits… one that is nourishing, healing, and sound. Hk. Ilyas holds space for the unfolding of a personal alchemical process. It’s highly intuitive, transformative, and unveiling, returning the heart to remembrance of what is true. You will be challenged as all that is untrue will come to the light until you see your true self. I came confused and left with a deeper sense of who I am and a listening to what’s true in my self and the world. It’s sacred ground for possible self realization. —Mirna M.


Current Program Offerings
  • 2021 retreats introducing the Hakim Wellness Academy.
  • Hakim Wellness Academy beginning in Fall 2022 in the United States, offering Awaken the Healer Within—a TIHM Certification. Prospectus forthcoming.
  • Other offerings can be found here.


TIHM Certification Program—Awaken the Healer Within
Awaken the Healer Within is a full-time three-year program. For the lay-student, this program supports a journey of personal realization, healing, and spiritual awakening. The resulting growth and wisdom is relevant to all facets of life, including non-health care vocations. For health practitioners, this training will additionally deepen their understanding of the BodyMindSoul within their existing professional discipline so as to equip them with a seamless clinical framework deeply rooted in the Sacred ﷻ.

Our curriculum is unique in that it is primarily experiential, guiding students on an inner journey that is essential to becoming a true healer. It has four core skill sets:

  1. You 101: Getting to the Heart of Your Matter
  2. Foundational Self-Study & Practice
  3. Heart-Centered Listening & Communication
  4. Core Diagnostic Skills

As a result of the individual attention provided to each student, enrollment is highly selective and limited, beginning in January 2022. Curriculum details are forthcoming in the prospectus.


Program Overview
Our time together is anchored in prayer and supported by murāqaba (meditation, contemplation, and self-study) and MindBody practice sessions weaved through each day. Two sessions per day are devoted to the course material. The training entails developing and extending the skills of awareness beyond oneself and onto others so as to be able to successfully diagnose issues of the BodyMindSoul and effectively treat them using elegant, safe, non-invasive methods. This program is concerned with service to others, albeit through oneself. A significant portion of classroom time is spent cultivating hands-on skills. Students are taught how to evaluate and treat each other. Each skill is demonstrated, then practiced with classmates, followed by review and discussion, and finally repeated for integration.


Program Outcomes
  • Proficiency in the core TIHM methodologies
  • Ability to successfully diagnose and treat issues of the BodyMindSoul using elegant, safe, and non-invasive methods
  • Ability to understand the language, concepts, and paradigms of both traditional and conventional medicine
  • Competency in communicating with patients and professionals
  • Certificate of training in TIHM
  • Opportunity for placement within our professional network
  • Ongoing support in developing a wellness practice rooted in TIHM principles
  • Eligibility for advanced post-graduate trainings


Practice of TIHM after Graduation
Most health professionals will be able to easily incorporate TIHM into their clinical practices because most of the techniques are quite safe and non-invasive. Those who do not have a license in a health discipline, however, will have to consider the laws in the state where they intend to practice. Coursework in practice development and management is included to offer guidance regarding the safe and legal practice of TIHM. The placement program within our professional network aims to facilitate the transition of our graduates.


Key 2022 Dates
  • Application available: January 3
  • Application deadline: February 28
  • Interview notification: March 1
  • Admission notification and payment of deposit: April 4
  • Beginning of first term: September 5


Application Requirements and Process
Prospective students must first complete an online application (available in January 2022). Qualifications for admission into Hakim Wellness Academy include:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Demonstrated concern and compassion
  • Fluency in the English language
  • A high school level degree
  • Background or interest in healthcare (a healthcare credential is not required)
  • Three references

Qualified candidates are then interviewed before a final determination is made by our selection committee. Once accepted, students must begin an online Anatomy & Physiology course before the first term.


Tuition & Fees
Details are forthcoming. Our intention is to make the program affordable and accessible while maintaining quality and integrity.

Please sign up for our newsletter (on the left sidebar) to stay informed of forthcoming details of our three-year program and other offerings. For any questions, please contact us, and one of our staff members will be in touch.


Our Role in COVID Times
The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered many lessons. One key takeaway—there is no panacea for any illness we might encounter in life, no one-size-fits-all treatment. Life is an exquisitely unique and complex movement, not a static object. For medicine to be truly healing, i.e. having a deep, comprehensive, and sustained impact, it must be customized to each individual and her/his context. The conscious cultivation of health and well-being is the best defense against anything we might encounter. However, rather than simply being motivated by a future outcome, it is most importantly a skillful embrace of all that the present moment has to offer, so that we realize fulfillment and satisfaction today, the only time when life can actually be savored.

Pandemics consistently show us that compromised people are the most vulnerable. And the data shows that most people with a sound immune system can easily weather a COVID-19 infection. The great offer of TIHM is precisely in teaching us how to thrive today. As TIHM emerges from ancient, sacred truths, it is the timeless medicine of the future. We are dedicated to reviving and sharing this wisdom.


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