People We Help

Our patients include:

  • newborns, infants and children with minor to severe health concerns, including developmental delays
  • the psycho-emotionally traumatized (including survivors of abuse, atrocities, war, natural disaster, accidents, etc.)
  • those who wish to use traditional therapies preventatively – i.e. taking care of themselves today to reduce the likelihood of something developing tomorrow
  • those who are interested in learning how to develop their inner listening skills to relieve old, persistent emotional and mental anxieties that elude them, or to work through spiritual crises
  • people struggling with unsuccessful intimate relationships or conflict with family, friends or coworkers
  • those who find themselves at a crossroads in life – facing fundamental questions of their life purpose, confused about their direction or stuck in patterns of making poor life choices
  • people who have not found relief for their condition through conventional medical treatment or other therapeutic modalities
  • people who have been informed that the next step of conventional medical treatment is sufficiently drastic (such as surgery), such that they wish to explore less-invasive / natural healing methods first
  • those who wish to be more proactive on their healing journeys (rather than simply developing a dependence on treatment) by learning practices such as Meditation, Yoga or T’ai Chi
  • those struggling with mild to severe substance abuse (caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, narcotics, etc.), including children and adolescents
  • small businesses and corporations trying to overcome blocks to their success in the world or trying to improve employee morale / relations
    and those who ordinarily could not afford holistic treatment

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