[Please note: this book has not yet been published.]

Coming Home – The Alchemy of the Soul is about spiritual awakening, which necessarily includes the subjects of the spiritual path, spiritual practice, soul, Spirit, and God. Coming Home offers the ‘spiritual yet irreligious’ reader the structure that promotes continual growth and spiritual maturation and the ‘religious yet spiritually-disconnected’ reader a way to the sweetness and softness of heart necessary for approaching God. Coming Home also appeals to sincere souls who are seeking something more in life but do not know where to begin.

Today, being “spiritual” is seen as an orientation quite distinctly separate from and superior to being “religious,” and vice versa. Many popular books promote a life within a particular religion or a life without any religion at all. One segment focuses on the husk or outer forms of religion while overlooking the spiritual kernel that makes religious forms sweet. On the other hand, the proponents of a spiritual life without religion are notorious for declaring lofty spiritual truths as if they can simply be willed into being; rarely is any practical guidance offered as a means to authentic realization of these truths, thus leaving many readers at a loss for how to begin an effective program of continued spiritual growth and development.

Coming Home offers a practical, detailed guide on the soul’s journey of awakening. The important role of both religions forms and their inner essence is described, including their interdependence. Most importantly, the reader is invited to engage in ancient, time-proven practices that support spiritual awakening. The reader is gently guided through a process of going within to explore the world of her soul, and then invited to draw her own conclusions. Guidance is offered to facilitate understanding along each step of the journey, potentially revealing the true nature of soul, Spirit, and God.

As a result, the ‘spiritual yet irreligious’ reader can experience the benefits in the structure characteristic of religion – possibly even pursuing further exploration and commitment. The ‘religious yet spiritually-disconnected’ reader can taste the sweetness and softness of heart that comes with a personal connection with the Divine – through the context of his own tradition, so that the spiritual forms that might have felt empty can take on new life. Beginners will simply have the opportunity to embrace the best of both worlds of heart and mind. In short, Coming Home inspires readers to believe they can truly attain what is described in its pages.

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