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Becoming a Real Human Being—The Alchemy of Sound in the Holy Qur’ān
“Consult your heart. Don’t outsource knowing. Develop a direct relationship with God … in every moment that our hearts are beating, an existential return takes place.” Teaching through captivating stories, sound, and images, Ḥk. Ilyās invites the audience into an experience of Divine Presence by attuning to and experiencing the subtle energies which permeate our existence. Keynote presentation at Lake Junaluska Peace Conference, 2019.

Medicine of the Imams (1-hr documentary film)
Sacred healing knowledge was revealed to humanity long before conventional medicine was developed. This documentary traces back to that knowledge. Traditional Islamic healing modalities are presented through case studies that highlight the efficacy and need for the revival of this ancient art and science.

Ḥakīm Ilyās’ full interview from the documentary, Part I
In this brief yet rich interview, Ḥk. Ilyās offers a historical perspective on the origins of Islamic Medicine, an explanation of its demise, and the urgent need for its revitalization. Some of the questions answered address: the foundational principles of Traditional Islamic Healing & Medicine (TIHM), the challenges associated with conventional medicine, and the necessity of spiritual cultivation for health care practitioners.

Documentary Interview, Part II
This interview offers a personal dimension of TIHM as Ḥk. Ilyās shares how each facet of his life is seamlessly interwoven with TIHM principles, and then offers the viewer insights into how one can cultivate and enrich one’s self by rooting in the Sacred .

Mental Health: Not Just in Your Head
There are many overlooked influences on mental health, such as poisoning, adrenal fatigue, poor nutrition, genetics, the absence of a social network, lack of physical touch, trauma, and unresolved BodyMindSoul blocks. Everything has a cause. Skilled evaluation by someone who sees holistically is key. This includes an understanding of the relationship between the soul and physical body, so that suffering is not dismissed as hyper-sensitivity, deception, or merely being “in your head.” Recorded on June 17, 2018.

Journeys of Healing (71-min audio interview)
With gentle humor and poignant insights, Ḥk. Ilyās explains the framework of TIHM, the nature and capacities of the human heart, and the BodyMindSoul paradigm. A summary of the interview is available here. Recorded on March 10, 2012.


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