At the Circle of One, we offer a heart-centered approach to healing group and community issues. By tending the core issue keeping the group in a state of opposition, disagreement, etc., an old impasse can be healed. The basic steps in the process include:

  • Encouraging an attitude of listening and possibility
  • Creating a space of mutual respect in which everyone is held in the highest personal regard
  • Coaching on how to speak about one’s experience responsibly and as a witness, while acknowledging and honoring it at the same time
  • Opening the channels of communication so that people can share their experiences and perspectives freely

Once the participants give themselves to the process with sincere hearts, the results are amazing. People begin to see through the display of suffering in their former adversaries into the pain underneath, so that they really begin to understand what the other is going through. In this new appreciation, one’s relationship to their own upset is often transformed, often simply discovering that there had been a gross misunderstanding.

Participants are able to experience many moments of heart opening as their fears – and the anger or rage they engender – are overcome. Thus, they finally assume the integrity they are capable of to truly begin to do the right thing. This is a profound moment of breakthrough.

If you would like to explore the possibilities in our group work, please feel free to contact us.