Our adult patients particularly appreciate the holistic approach we take in their care. Furthermore, not only is the treatment experience a healing of the body, but also a thorough education that transforms the mind to be more clear and tranquil.

The traditional medical systems of the world endeavor to treat the whole person, rather than merely treating symptoms as if they exist on their own as separate entities. As a result, traditional medicine does not produce specialists (though traditional schools of medicine are being pressured to ‘modernize’ by groups that function in the limited world view in which life is treated as individual, separate entities living alongside one another, rather than the traditional view that all beings are manifestations of a greater Unity).

Hence, the skilled traditional healer welcomes patients presenting with any type of issue, whether they be acute illnesses, advanced disease processes, emotional disturbances or spiritual crises. As a result, everything is considered in making an assessment of the patient’s state of health, including age / stage in life, gender, ethnicity, constitutional type, personality, geographic location / climate factors, exposures to toxins, exercise, recreation, diet, herbs, supplements, water intake, medications, surgical procedures / medical interventions, vaccinations, daily levels of stress, social history, quality of relationships and inner maturity. The primary information, however, comes directly from the body. By ‘reading’ the story written in each person, the truest picture is painted about what is taking place inside.

The healer is able to perceive what medical tests and technology detect, as well as the subtle vibrations that precede physical change and thus elude medical testing. And this is exactly what the traditional practitioners is trained to perceive and work with. It is no wonder that we have great success in working with those who have not been able to find relief elsewhere.