People are mirrors for one another. This truth is most evident in our closest relationships. In the mirror, we see ourselves – our innate beauty and potential, as well as our shortcomings and habits. This constant reminder is sometimes too much for some. It is, however, an extraordinary opportunity to remove the ‘dirt’ that has accumulated over time, so that the essence of who we are can shine once again.

Developing loving, fulfilling relationships is one of the great possibilities in life. Keeping the magic alive while attending to all of one’s responsibilities in the world is indeed a formidable task, not to mention processing all the challenges that arise without creating more pain.

We all struggle with various issues and habits, many of which emerge from seeds planted in our childhood. In order to work with them, one must first be aware of them, then honestly acknowledge them, and then try to understand the motivations that perpetuate them. Understanding, however, is still only a beginning, as many have discovered that a thorough analysis of their issues is not enough to substantially alter their inner experience or behavior.

In order to achieve a true shift in relationships, transformation is required on a core level, reaching through subconscious fears, misunderstandings and motivations that elude much of our conscious recognition. For a method to provide a fertile ground for a true transformation, it must naturally account for the complexities of the BodySoulSpirit.

The great traditions of the world all hold that the Heart is the seat of thought, and not the head (rational mind). By learning how to listen to this Heart, one is attuned to the wisdom we all have access to, but often overlook. This experience – described by mystics, sages and poets throughout the ages – brings with it a tangible tranquility and ease of being that is quite real. This unfolding is the essence of transformation and the core of the work we do at the Circle of One.

Our Heart-centered approach to healing relationship issues has proven itself time and time again. The process results in deep transformation, especially if approached with the right intention and a sincere heart. In the moment of truth in which resistance dissolves, hearts open and key insights are unveiled. The conflicts of personalities then begin to resolve themselves much more easily than when they are tackled directly from the head, for the simple reason that individuals begin to see and experience through the eye of the Heart.

When one understands how to listen through the Heart, one begins to see life as it is without distortion. As a result, one develops a sincere appreciation for the pain people struggle with. Speaking and acting from the Heart naturally follows as one begins to understand what it means to be true to oneself.

When two people are mutually committed to live for the sake of something far greater than the individual – such as Love, for example – the great possibilities of relationship can then be realized. Sometimes, couples rediscover their love for one another, and sometimes they realize that it is best to part company. Whatever the result, it is done with an understanding, accepting and open Heart. Through awareness, sincerity, patience and devotion, we can all develop healthy relationships that will live on in future generations.