Our philosophy at the Circle of One is that any individual or group can actually be successful beyond belief by working in the world with radical honesty, integrity and responsibility, with a sincere concern for all involved – clients, employees and the greater community. In our corporate care program, we work closely with executives, managers and employees to apply practical wisdom that leads to real transformation. We shine the light on every aspect of the corporate ‘body’ that is ‘ill’, and we treat this body so that all the systems eventually begin to work together and thrive.

The process begins by addressing the foundation of the organization – its mission and purpose in the world – in order to reconsider any limited idea or view that actually keeps the body from thriving. Success is measured not only by profit margin, but more importantly in the integrity of the company’s work and presence in the world, in the quality of community relationships and in employee morale. It is no accident that Japanese companies, for example, project the impact of their mission and role five centuries into the future to assess the worthiness of their proposed contribution as well as the possibility of doing harm.

Many business issues arise from fear-based world views that compromise integrity and lead companies down a dark path. They may be profitable on paper, but often at the expense of their reputation in the community and their employees’ well-being. Thus, the company is steeped in negativity that begins to manifest as different ‘illnesses’ in the body of the company. In extreme cases, the healing of this body may be quite painful, though quite necessary.

In making an offering in the world, many companies serve their clients at the expense of their employees. And sometimes in spoiling their employees, services and products offered by a company are compromised. There is a fine balance. By developing clear, sound relationships on every level, the possibility of any single person in the chain being dropped is minimized, so that everyone is taken care of while also being challenged to offer their best. Employees themselves begin to work through their own challenges such that they experience new possibilities in their professional and personal lives, and companies begin to attract clients that are a pleasure to serve, while also understanding how to work skillfully work with disingenuous clients. Indeed, people can be grateful to be accepted as clients or employees as the company philosophy and atmosphere is a consistent reminder of what really matters in life.

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