These are a few of the things our patients appreciate:

  • The real healing possibilities we offer, rather than simply managing symptoms.
  • The time spent in carefully preparing treatment plans and the additional patient support provided by telephone / email, free of charge.
  • The therapeutic nature of sharing one’s story and feelings, and having one’s aches, pains and concerns acknowledged and honored as part of the healing journey.
  • The education offered in the form of lifestyle, exercise and nutritional recommendations.
  • Restoring the common sense practice of investing in one’s health in the present and thus diminishing the likelihood of severe illness in the future.
  • Our efforts to keep costs low by working with everyone regardless of their ability to pay. Nevertheless, the long-term cost of holistic treatment is small compared to conventional medicine, which often creates chronic dependencies on medication / technology.

Dr. Cynthia Durakis

Diane G.

Hina C.

Pauline R.

Tom A. says:

Kourosh came to me highly recommended by a trusted friend at a time when my overall health was getting worse. Early on, Kourosh told me people often came to him looking for physical healing, but ended up finding much more. I nodded politely, but did not really understand. Seven years later, I still seek his counsel and healing touch, and find that my life has truly been transformed because of him. I feel more like myself now than I have for as far back as I can remember. Not only that, I am beginning to understand what different spiritual traditions mean when they talk about the fullness of life and listening with your heart.

Kourosh regularly touches me on numerous levels: when I am stuck or feeling sick, he provides relief from the immediate symptoms and helps me see my situation from a larger perspective. But more importantly, he teaches me how to live on a daily basis to continue to grow as a person. In effect, he has guided me through a rather large shift in how I interact with the world around me. I cannot recommend him highly enough – especially for people who are willing to explore beyond traditional Western medicine.