Bismi’Llāhi ir-Rahmān ir-Rahīm.

In the Name of Allāh ﷻ, the Universally Merciful ﷻ, the Singularly Compassionate ﷻ.


For many of us in the modern world, our daily lives are structured around work schedules and householder responsibilities. The distractions of this world and our harried lifestyles can easily pull us off-center. Our Tradition offers us clear examples and guidance on how to spend our time wisely so that we continue to cultivate ourselves and our ability to be in the world and with our Lord ﷻ simultaneously. The Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ said:

The scriptures of Prophet Abraham ع contain the following: “…the man of intellect, as long as he is of sound consciousness, must put aside several hours during the day: an hour for conversing with his Lord ﷻ, an hour for accounting for himself, an hour to contemplate Allāh’s Creativity ﷻ bestowed upon him, and an hour to spend on his own lawful pleasures–for this one hour will be an aid to him in fulfilling his other hours, as well as for hearts to recuperate and relax” (Mīzān al-Ḥikmah, 464).

We are offered various practices which can support us in drawing closer to Allāh ﷻ. For example, we receive a sacred invitation to withdraw from worldly affairs and re-orient our hearts and very beings to Allāh ﷻ at least five times a day through the salāt or canonical prayer. Nevertheless, it can at times be challenging to sustain presence during the salāt and through our daily lives. At this point, an immersive spiritual experience is often needed to ensure we do not wander off too far and lose ourselves.

Spiritual retreat offers a powerful opportunity to re-establish spiritual alignment when it has been compromised, so that we can return to our lives rejuvenated and inspired. However, such a potent endeavor requires a skilled guide who can hold a sacred container for the experience. As every participant arrives with different concerns, any number of challenges may arise that require the precise support of someone who is developed in his/her ability to maintain spiritual alignment and assist seekers in doing the same. A gathering of seekers with shared intention also adds to the beauty and depth of the experience, as a safe and supportive community supports growth and maturation. You can read more about the retreats we are offering in Costa Rica this year here. Please spread the word and join us if your heart is called.


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