Remote Sessions

I offer remote sessions for patients who are too distant to meet with me in person. I am committed to supporting anyone who finds me and reaches out, whether for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual concerns, personal or interpersonal.

Remote sessions are quite similar to in-person meetings. The process begins when you fill out the online health history form. This provides important background information that I review before our first conversation. The first session is paid in advance. Once your payment is received, we schedule your consultation (1.5 hrs), during which I gather a thorough history and a clear sense of your needs and concerns. One of my goals is to paint a picture of who you really are and how clearly this is reflected in your present life. Dissonance between these – who you are and the life you are living – is a reliable predictor of the struggles you are actively facing.

After the initial consultation, I meticulously review your case and devise a holistic life-treatment strategy. In the following session (1 hr), I guide you through the plan, offering detailed explanation with each step. The number and spacing of follow-up sessions varies based on your condition, needs and circumstances. Your progress is evaluated with each session, and your treatment is adjusted to fit you perfectly at every turn. The most important dimension of healing is the rectification of heart and soul, which can be realized as easily in a remote session.

Your treatment plan includes lifestyle recommendations. This is an important part of a successful healing program, given that your health is largely a function of personal choices. I support you in cultivating awareness and knowledge so as to become self-correcting, making conscious, skillful and sustainable choices with regard to diet, exercise, work, rest and relationships.

Should you require medical tests or direct treatment, such as modern medicine, acupuncture or bodywork, we will review your local options to find a suitable match. This is sometimes necessary for patients with old, chronic conditions that require a multi-dimensional treatment strategy. In this situation, I monitor your treatment from a distance to ensure that your healing process is on track.

Today, unfortunately, many have become accustomed to reducing their health struggles to mere physical conditions that should respond to a “one-size-fits-all” treatment solution, even when seeking natural remedies. This fuels a “get-in, get-out” mentality when one is compelled to visit a health center. We are, however, multidimensional beings with complex needs. Holistic care of the BodyMindSoul is a lifelong process that must be supported by a daily practice. A holistic health practitioner is here to support you throughout your life, so that you become self-correcting over time as a result of a process of education and empowerment. There will be challenging times in life when you are in need of more support than usual, and other times when you are quite well on your own. The conditions of each unique situation should be respected. So, please choose wisely by seeking support in times of need. Don’t let too much time pass between follow-up sessions. As soon as your healing process slows and stagnates, that is a good time to reconnect. A good rule of thumb for generally healthy individuals is a commitment to sessions at least once a season. At the same time, the more pro-active and diligent you are in your healing process – making a sincere effort to implement the advice and strategies of your practitioner in a timely manner – the more growth and maturation you can expect, so that you ultimately become your own physician.

Appointments times for remote sessions are more flexible, including early morning, evening and weekend appointments. Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype, which offers a video option. Finally, payment for follow-up sessions is also made with PayPal and due upon completion of each session.