Preparing for Your First Session

Please fill out the Health History Form at least two days before your visit. Please avoid using any scents (perfume, cologne, scented soap) and makeup, as we need to see you in a natural state in order to make a clear assessment of your health. We understand this may be a challenge. Please do your best. It is helpful to also wear comfortable clothing. And please bring relevant medical records (physical exam, blood-work, x-rays, CT or MRI scans).

Please arrive on time as the session begins at the scheduled time of your appointment. Please read the Appointment Cancellations section in order to be clear about our policies and your responsibilities regarding appointments.


Preparing for Future Sessions

The same considerations apply as in the first visit, with the addition of avoiding strong substances (aside from medications, vitamins, minerals, or herbs you might be taking) the day before, the day of, and the day after a treatment so as to minimize the possibility of interference. Also, it is best not to arrive to a session very hungry or too full.