Take a Tour

Leaving behind for a time the sub/urban buzz, you drive through the countryside and arrive at the akīm Wellness Health, Education, and Retreat Center. On the way, you breathe a sigh of relief as you decompress, followed by a breath of expansion as you take in nature’s beauty. You know that you do not do this often enough. Although the trip is not a short commute, the modest drive suggests that you could be a regular visitor, assuming you like the place.

As you pull into the property, you glimpse solar cells and wind-power turbines on the periphery. Approaching the buildings, you almost overlook them as they seamlessly blend in with the natural surroundings. You see a group of visitors embarking on a hike and make a mental note to add this to your itinerary. The land is too beautiful to be overlooked. You finally reach the parking lot, cozily enclosed by evergreen trees. Following the trail that leads out of the lot, you cross a threshold that receives you into nature and imparts a felt sense of relief from your life in the world. You smile deeply and make your way to the retreat center where you are warmly greeted by a hostess. Her smile is effortless, perhaps the result of working in such a lovely place. As you check in, you are given a folder with your “personal retreat itinerary” designed according to the program selections you made at the time you booked your reservation. The hostess walks you through your time ahead, taking the time to explain and respond to your questions.

As you approach your room and finally enter, you notice that technology and the usual buzz of building-electricity is quite subdued. The retreat center is unlike any hotel you have ever visited. You enter your room and smile with delight. It is spotless and elegant, yet simple –designed for tranquility, rest, and reflection. The sunlight streams in through windows and a skylight. As you gaze outside at the gardens, you notice that the air is remarkably fresh. Now that you are finally here, you are glad that you booked a five-day stay. This is your chance to decompress and rejuvenate, to remember again who you really are and why you get up every morning to do what you do. The range of services offers many possibilities –treatment, education, retreat, and recreation, but all with a palpable depth that distinguishes this place from the typical wellness spa. For those who are ready and willing, there is a real possibility of transformation here.

You take some time to get situated, taking off your shoes, placing your clothes on hangers and in drawers, and visiting the bathroom to freshen up. You then take a closer look at your itinerary while you try out the bed. You made appointments for the following specialty services shown on your personal retreat itinerary:

Date Time Activity Length Location
Tuesday 10 am Comprehensive Health Evaluation 2 hrs Clinic
Wednesday 10 am Acupuncture Treatment 1 hr Clinic
Thursday   4 pm Deep Tissue Massage 1:15 Hydrotherapy Center
Friday 10 am Personal Training Session 1:30 Training Hall


Pickup on Departure

Custom Herbal Formulation  Herbal Dispensary 
Organic Produce Box Organic Farm


You are also given a schedule of meals and other resources offered on a daily basis;


Meals and Cooking / Nutrition Classes in Wellness Restaurant

Breakfast 8-10 am
Lunch 12-2 pm
Dinner 6-8 pm
Meditation 7-8 am, 9-10 pm Prayer & Meditation Hall 
Qigong 8-9:30 am, 3-4:30 pm, 4:30-6 pm Training Hall
Yoga 8-9:30 am, 3-4:30 pm, 4:30-6 pm Training Hall
Hydrotherapy Center  8 am – 9 pm
Guided hikes 9:30 am – 12 pm
Horse Rides 9 am – 6 pm


Then there’s the special events schedule that lists workshops, seminars, and lectures. You notice that there is a lecture by a well-known scholar that you have wanted to meet for some time. Perfect timing! You also see a ticket for a box of fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables (delivered to your vehicle on your day of departure) from the on-site organic farm; this is part of your retreat package.

You have an appointment the next morning in the clinic –a multidisciplinary integrative medical center where natural medicine is the treatment of choice and modern medicine watches gracefully from the background, providing a technical lens as needed. The facilities and services are top notch, yet the organization’s model of service is dedicated to reaching everyone in need and eliminating all barriers to access. All are welcome. No one is turned away. Payment is a choice, not a requirement, and left entirely up to you. Here, selfless service is both prioritized and incentivized. You are reminded why you decided to book at a stay here rather than at some of the other famous medical spas in the country.

You enter the clinic and once again find yourself warmly greeted by the receptionist. You mention that you are just paying a visit. Noticing your interest, the receptionist shares some more of the unique characteristics of the center. You discover that another unique feature of the clinic is the multidisciplinary collaboration that takes place for each patient. Practitioners meet to share their diagnostic perspectives and determine the ideal treatment strategy for each patient. The treatment plan often involves a variety of practitioners at various stages in the treatment process. You are struck by the rare opportunity offered here for professionals to grow outside the box of their own training. Each practitioner is also supported by an apprentice, who is also given a rare opportunity to witness and participate in this model of care. You also realize, however, that all employees here – from the groundskeepers to the clinicians – have access to the range of services at the center; in fact, many of them are here not only because they are passionate about participating in the center’s mission of selfless service, but also for supporting their own personal spiritual growth and education. For many of them –students and professionals – the knowledge they will acquire and the skills they will develop here are one-of-a-kind.

As you further explore the grounds and facility, you notice several support facilities, some attached to the clinic and others in close proximity. Your first encounter begins as you are carried away by rich fragrances and aromas. Following the scent trail, you walk up to the bustling scene of the herbal dispensary. The staff is busy, pulling drawers and jars from the shelves to reveal raw herbs in intriguing shapes and colors. They carefully measuring them out and finally bag and tag them. You have glimpsed the process of filling a custom herbal formulation, which you will soon benefit from. You are informed that the dispensary is stocked with ingredients from an on-site medicinal herb garden, which you see as various piles of fresh herbs on one side of the dispensary. You step outside and make your way to an adjacent building. You discover the hydrotherapy center – intended to bolster the healing regimens prescribed for patients, while also serving visitors and guests. Your tour continues to a training space for body-mind exercise –meditation, yoga, qigong– to provide experiences that empower patients in playing the central role in their health and well-being, and another building of classrooms for personal and professional courses –education as the foundation of a sound life strategy. Fascinated, you can’t wait for the activities you have lined up in the days ahead. And, it’s time for lunch!

You make your way to the Wellness Restaurant. As you browse the menu, you notice that it has been divided according to various dietary regimens based on constitutional elements –Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. A server walks by with a gorgeous salad. You ask about the ingredients and discover that much of the food comes from an on-site organic garden, greenhouse, and farm. At last, your food arrives. As you savor your meal, which seems to radiate life unlike the fare of the typical restaurant, you see several mounted horses off in the distance.

There is so much more to see, and yet your adventure has only just begun!