Our Offer

The akīm Wellness Center is designed to set a functional example of the traditional Islamic model of health care which is based on the centrality of the principle of taqwā’Allāh (God-consciousness). The center will demonstrate the Islamic ethos of  selfless service, compassionate care of the suffering, generosity to the needy, and social justice. We support individual BodyMindSoul health and wellbeing, interpersonal, communal, and global health and harmony, and interdisciplinary respect and collaboration. We envision the revival of the study and practice of TIHM, supported by integration with the expertise of Conventional Medicine and by sustainable global partnerships.

The center will consist of the following:

  • Multidisciplinary integrative medical clinic based on TIHM
  • Herbal Dispensary
  • Hamaam -hydrotherapy spa
  • Prayer Space
  • Practice Space (for mind-body exercise)
  • Classrooms
  • Reference Library
  • Retreat Center
  • Wellness Restaurant
  • Organic Garden & Greenhouse
  • Stables and animal farm
  • Green & sustainable design, construction, and supply (solar and wind power)