Spiritual Mentorship

In this one-on-one collaboration, my role is to help you clearly recognize where you are in the process of being truly authentic and to support you in moving in the direction of authenticity. I serve as a mirror for you to recognize your true self and grow where you are planted.

Some Core Themes of Spiritual Mentorship

  • Existential detox begins by identifying the toxic elements of your life. It is followed by identifying the needs that these toxic elements are medicating. You are then supported in finding true fulfillment of these needs first from within yourself, and then with extrinsic, holistic supports, as needed. What follows is a shedding of the toxic elements without much struggle.
  • Remember who you really are. This is an amazing stage. Words fall short. It must be experienced.
  • Align with who you really are so that you can finally shed the layers of who you are really not.
  • Realize Your Destiny: live authentically and purposefully, free from any externally-imposed idea of who you should be and how you should live.
  • Life Consecration: open your heart to grace so that goodness flows through your relationships and life – wherever you go, whatever you touch.

Sessions can employ various modalities, including dialogue, guided meditation, visualization, energy-based therapies (such as acupuncture and qigong), manual therapies (working with bones, muscle, connective tissue, joint alignment, pressure points, lymphatic system, circulatory system and subtle body-rhythms), nutrition, herbal medicine, qigong and yoga.

Format of Services

  • Standard session (in-person or remote meetings)
  • Extended session (wherever you live and/or travel, for as long as you request)

Cost is based on your desired program of support. If you are interested, please contact us.